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Hi! I’m Manasa. I’m a Mumbai based lawyer, researcher and freelance writer. My main focus of work is gender equality and eradicating violence against women and children.

I am an alumnus of the School of Law, Christ University, Bangalore, India. From my 2nd-year law school, I have been associated with The Red Elephant Foundation (REF). REF focuses on story-telling, training, tech-for-good and advocacy for gender equity and civilian peacebuilding. Currently, I oversee and lead the Research and Documentation (legal) team here. Getting started with REF was an eye-opener in terms of issues privy to us from childhood, that systematically fuels patriarchy and the continuance of violence against women and children. This was my deciding factor to pursue working in the development sector. I also work closely with World Pulse, a global social network for women and by women. I use this opportunity to share resources to women globally to empower them as leaders within their communities.

I briefly worked the Aangan Trust as a Research and Communications Associate. Aangan works with vulnerable children and families across India who are extremely prone to sex trafficking, labour trafficking, bonded labour, physical and sexual abuse, and lack the necessary access to government functionaries. Working with Aangan gave me first-hand information through stories from women and adolescent girls about the real situation prevailing in India. I also took the role of a Junior Editor with A38, Online Portal for International Law and Journal; where I regularly wrote blog articles on issues of international law and reviewed/edited journals for online publication.

I have been inspired to write and tell stories from a very young age. Writing for me helps understand and conceptualise ideas and thoughts. This website showcases some of my work and writings over time. I regularly dabble on areas of law, policy and advocacy focusing on gender and women, click here to read more.

In my free time (and as a freelancer trying to meet ends) I write on topics outside the law. I am deeply inspired by women who stand up and support other women, and I truly believe such women leaders are the essence of grassroots change globally. I stick by the phrase “Empowered Women, Empower Women”. I sometimes interview such torchbearers in their field of excellence. You can find my conversations with such women here. I also ramble on travel, food, people and everything else in between under the section Talk Shop. You can find the link here.

If you find something you like, reach out to me. I would love to hear your thoughts! Let’s keep such conversations rolling.


  • Writing: Articles, narratives, op-ed, fact-sheets, research papers, white papers, etc.
  • Research: Primary and secondary research on areas of gender, equality, and women.
  • Legal: Consultation on POSH laws, laws women and children, gender rights and policy analysis.
  • Advocacy: For gender quality. Against all forms of violence. For peacebuilding.

You can get in touch with me on for further enquiry.

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