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Breaking Barriers: On Menstruation

I wrote on my personal take on menstruation and the stigma I faced as a girl. Subsequently, I thought it would be interesting to keep the conversation alive by including the experiences of people around me.

Part I: Periods and Men

Breaking the silence around menstruation requires mutual and coordinated efforts to create and continue dialogues around accessibility, health, and hygiene. It is not a women’s-only issue. The need to encourage more conversation finds validation in the fact that a lot of men are coming forward to understand what their partners, siblings, and mothers, and men who menstruate go each every month.

I spoke to a few men to hear what they understood about the stigma, how they learnt about periods in the first place and what they are doing now to help women around them.

Click here to read the full piece.

Part II: Periods and Women

The heavy taboo attached to menstruation is a common feature world over. For years now, women have been undeterred in their efforts to normalize menstruation. Normalizing menstruation can not only culminate in the appropriate exercise of personal agency, but can also increase access to information, better healthcare, and hygienic practices. Manasa Ram Raj spoke to a few people on their journeys with menstruation, and what they would say to their younger self re-menstruation. Here is what they had to say.

Click here to read the full piece.

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