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Transforming the World, One Book at a Time: Nighat Gandhi

Nighat Gandhi is an author, mother, and a mental health counsellor. Waiting, Alternative Realities: Love in the Life of Muslim WomenGhalib at Dusk, and What I Am Today, I Won’t Remain Tomorrow: Conversations with Survivours of Abuse, and Waiting: a collection of stories are some of the book titles to her name. Manasa Ram Raj spoke with her about her journey.

The Warrior Woman: Tara Anand

Tara, a Mumbai based artist, creates illustrative work centring around the lives of people around her, especially women. She portrays an intersection of feminism and women’s issues through her artistic medium. Her work largely focuses on advocating for women empowerment with a touch of literature and Indian history. Currently. She is pursuing a BFA in illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York, USA.

To read the full interview, click here.

How Dr. Shanta, Grand Niece Of CV Raman, Is Making Cancer Care More Affordable In India

Dr. V Shanta has been at the forefront of finding affordable cancer care in India for over six decades now. Know all about her journey from choosing medicine as a career in spite of coming from a family of scientists and Nobel laureates, her inspirations and her future plans for the dreaded disease in India. 

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