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Enter China’s Vocational Training Camps: A Facade for Gross Human Rights Violations

In recent years, reports of violence within the Chinese “Vocational Training Camps” have emerged. Click here to read the full article, as I take a deep dive into the lens of the law.

Breaking Barriers: Men on Menstruation

Breaking the silence around menstruation requires mutual and coordinated efforts to create and continue dialogues around accessibility, health, and hygiene. It cannot be sidelined as a women’s-only issue. The need to encourage more conversation finds validation in the fact that a lot of men are coming forward to understand what their partners, siblings, and mothers, and men who menstruate go each every month.

Podcast: Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws in India

Many months ago, Sourya Banerjee and I spoke with Kirthi Jayakumar (Founder, REF) for The Femenisto Podcast about Prevention of Sexual Harassment Laws in India and how employees can actually benefit from them. Click here to see more.

Podcast: Understanding Basic Gender Laws

A podcast that offers information for survivors of gender-based violence, helps build a culture of active bystanderhood, and offers resources to support awareness on what a survivor can do to address gender-based violence and how a bystander can support a survivor. Click here to see more.

Stealthing: A Form of Rape

The Indian Penal Code lays down specific grounds for rape under Section 375. However, the law is challenged to recognise different forms of rape that do not fall under the scope of the restrictive definitions provided by the letter of the law. One such form is the act of stealthing or the non-consensual removal of the condom during consensual intercourse. To read the full article, click here.

Women and Girls Powered by Data — What realtime data from the most marginalised communities has to say about the conditions of child safety and security!

Women and Girls Powered by Data is an e-book that throws incredible light on the current (age-old and on-going) perils to children and women safety. It is incredible to see women from these local communities direct their own narrative to identify risks to child safety within their homes and use these narratives as a tool to prevent future harm. 

To read the full e-book, click here.

Adolescent Voices: 10 Things Adolescent Girls Had to Say About Gender-Based Violence and Their Experience of Reporting Them.

Truths are tumbling out of all sorts of offices and organisations across the country through India’s #MeToo movement, a definite glimmer of hope that women will be heard. As the movement grows in strength, one can’t but hope it extends in breadth also – to include one of the most invisible and unheard groups: adolescent girls from marginalised groups. This survey is an attempt to capture recommendations of young girls in the hope that this perspective is built into policy and program design around girls’ safety. Link to the full article here.

Is Indian Rape Law Gender Neutral

Current Indian legal system for rape does not support victims who are non-cis-women. This article navigates the reality of the law whilst also making a case for gender neutrality. Link to the full article here.

Understanding Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013

Breakdown of POSH Act, 2013, written as part of criminal law series for Arguendo. The aim of the article is to simplify components of the Act to benefit all. Link to the full article available here.

Recognition of Sexual Orientation under International Human Rights Law

Article originally published as part of an online column on LGBTQ+ rights and law called Rainbow Charter with One Future Collective. This article breaks down the concept of sexual orientation within the existing framework of International Human Rights Law. To read the whole article, click here.

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