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Podcast: Understanding Basic Gender Laws

Image Courtesy: Saahas, REF.

Saahas , a gender-based violence help map, comprises a directory of support across 196 countries, a database of guidance notes on understanding gender-based violence and ways to respond to them, and a reporting tool that helps survivors report their incidents on partner organization Safecity’s crowdmap.

As a part of Kirthi’s (Founder, REF) constant strive to make Saahas accessible, also acknowledging the fact that a survivor may need to be discreet to access help, this podcast presents all the information on the online Saahas libraries in an audio format.

A podcast that offers information for survivors of gender-based violence, helps build a culture of active bystanderhood, and offers resources to support awareness on what a survivor can do to address gender-based violence and how a bystander can support a survivor. While I presented episodes on information on legal rights, Dr Vaaruni Gowri Ravishankar presented the episodes with medical information.

Click here to listen to all the episodes.

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