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Women and Girls Powered by Data — What realtime data from the most marginalised communities has to say about the conditions of child safety and security!

Image: Front cover of the e-book

Women and Girls Powered by Data is an e-book I had the chance to work on, along with the team of Aangan Trust (an NGO working towards the prevention of child harm across marginalised communities of India) that throws incredible light on the current (age-old and on-going) perils to children and women safety. It is incredible to see women from these local communities direct their own narrative to identify risks to child safety within their homes and use these narratives as a tool to prevent future harm. 

Women from local communities across India share their experiences on risks of early marriage, abuse at home, exploitation for labour or sex, amongst many others. These experiences are converted into raw data in order to analyse the extent of child harm and thereby to implement a planned intervention for timely prevention and response. 

In the words of a mother from Bihar, “We all want a different life for our daughters. We dream that our girls will be healthy, secure, and able to stand on their own feet, and live a life free from violence”.

To read the full e-book, click here.

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